Online Training Solution for Pharmaceuticals Industry


E-Three not only helps organizations comply with mandatory regulatory & compliance trainings but also helps in improving the employee efficiency and product quality


Pharmaceuticals, R&D and biotechnology companies have to comply with the regulatory requirements of the pharmaceutical regulatory authorities. Various clinical trials also need to be conducted by these companies in due course of time. The drugs or products being manufactured by these companies have to be ensured for product safety. Information storage as well as training personnel for such elaborative and complex tasks requires excellent skill-sets and periodical trainings. It is here, where the role of a Learning Management System (LMS for Pharmaceuticals) comes in the forefront.

Timeless Learning Technologies thus acknowledge the high-level working at such aforesaid companies and therefore presents highly CAPABLE: E-Three (Online Training solution for Pharmaceuticals). E-Three is easy to incorporate in the organization's system and processes and will thus not hinder the organizational efficiency.

Benefits of E-Three for Pharmaceuticals:

  • Cost effective and one-stop e-Learning software for over-all training needs
  • High organizational efficiency pertaining to training
  • Effective delivery of training and induction programs
  • High number of people can undergo training through E-Three's multiple user login
  • Knowledge sharing through E-Three is easier and quick
  • Training programs conducted through E-Three have high employee effectiveness
  • Minimal investment would yield optimal results
  • Assessment of employee effectiveness through training programs can be easily monitored
  • Easy content updation and amendment
  • Supports FLASH and SCORM based content
  • Product safety, risk mitigation can be conveyed in the most unique manner
  • Inculcating ethical pharma practices and organizational behavior through appropriate trainings through E-Three
  • Easy communication and provision of trainings(if required) to employees at CRO/CMO