Online training Solution for healthcare


E-Three, with its 24x7 availability, offers the high degree of reliability and flexibility required to deliver online training solutions for an always on-the-go industry like Healthcare.


Healthcare organizations have to continually manage their databases of their large workforce and training requirements. Timeless Learning Technologies provides a complete solution that would enhance the workplace and workforce efficiency of any healthcare organization. Managing the training and learning requirements of healthcare organization is a cumbersome task. But, this can be taken care by integrating Timeless Learning Technologies ALL IN ONE: E-Three- LMS for Healthcare Industry

Timeless Learning Technologies understands that training in a healthcare organization is of utmost importance. Professionals from this industry need to be trained continually to enhance the organization productivity. Our learning management system E-Three helps in achieving this by providing a platform for intuitive, interactive and effective learning. So, it presents a comprehensive online training solution for Healthcare organizations.

Adopting LMS For Healthcare(E-Three) organizations will:

  • Reduce training costs
  • Enhance proficiency levels of healthcare professionals
  • Increase productivity of the organization

Benefits of E-Three-LMS for Healthcare:

  • Centralizing the learning requirements, wherein all the learning matter is available to physicians, nurses and clinicians with one single tool
  • Multiple user accessibility with delivery of content in a highly consistent manner
  • Easy updating and designing of content on E-Three
  • Assessment of skill sets required by healthcare staff to enhance on-job performance to serve better
  • Record management and progress assessment of healthcare professionals as a result of training
  • Real-time and interactive collaboration with trainee/learner of healthcare organizations
  • Centralized storehouse for all healthcare related databases
  • Enhances the training quality of professionals with better understanding on a subject
  • SaaS based LMS supports varied programs in healthcare organizations such as employee training, induction & orientation, management of patient related information
  • The higher management and authorized healthcare employees can have 'anytime' access for retrieval of imperative information pertaining to healthcare programs and regulatory audits