Online Training Solution for IT Industry


E-Three helps IT companies to deploy online training solutions enabling them to save time & cost, ensure professional competencies & improve overall efficiencies


IT professionals need to undergo varied training sessions in a year. The number of trainings undergone by IT professionals helps them to earn certain ratings and these ratings are assessed at the time of performance appraisal annually. Training is an integral part of an IT company and every employee has to duly attend the requisite training sessions. Training schedules when arranged for software engineers, developers etc. are time consuming and all the more, affects the work to be delivered on that specific day. IT companies surely require training software for IT industry/LMS for IT that centralizes all the training requirements

To enhance organizational efficiency without affecting the work, Timeless Learning Technologies presents Multifaceted: E-Three (online training solution for IT) that manages all the training needs of an IT company.

Benefits of E-Three for I.T Industry:

  • Individual employee training is possible through E-Three
  • Employ can undergo a training program at just any point of time and just anywhere
  • Less investment would give more result oriented performances through E-Three
  • Training content updated on E-Three supports FLASH and SCORM
  • Content can be presented in the most intuitive manner
  • Software professional's performance in the training sessions can be easily accessed through E-Three
  • If the training session has to be undergone in the organization itself then professionals are not required to gather at a single place. Everyone can just login from their workstations simultaneously and undergo training
  • Increased knowledge sharing