Online Training Solution for ITES


E-Three helps organizations in ITES sector to deploy online training solutions that cover soft-skill development, employee on-boarding and customer relationship management

The service industry is liable for provision of services to the varied businesses as well to the end-users. The service industry pays due attention in maintaining the quality of services being delivered by them. Therefore Customer Satisfaction and Customer Delight are the key issues that they are concerned about. All their efforts are about resolving the queries and issues of the customer so that they are convinced about the services being delivered to them. In the service sector, the customers expect superlative quality of services and hence the significance of an Online Training Platform such as E-Three in BPO & KPO (ITES industry) is even more.

The customer service executives and other professionals from this industry have to undergo periodical training sessions such as soft skill training, effective communication training etc. Implementation of E-Three with organizations under this industry would mean significant improvement in the quality of service delivery. In the service industry, E-Three would endow immense benefits specifically for Business Process Outsourcing (BPO), Knowledge Process Outsourcing (KPO) and Legal Process Outsourcing (LPO). E-Three integration is even more significant in KPO wherein knowledge sharing is tactfully and resourcefully managed. Skilled professionals with specific skill sets are required to conduct the routine tasks in a KPO. In a LPO the legal support services are provided, wherein, the database management of legal documents as well as the turn around time (TAT) of providing key information specific to any issue should be considerably low.

Benefits of E-Three for BPO/KPO/LPO:

The workforce needs to rely on a simple Intranet Portal for Training that is cost-effective, user friendly and at the same time administers the entire workforce training requirements. E-Three is endowed with all the aforesaid features, thereby making it a must-tool for BPO's/KPO's and LPO's. ITES industries have huge workforce that needs to be trained every now and then and this will be easily accomplished through an internal corporate training platform.

  • High number of customer service professionals can be imparted training at the same time
  • Customized training sessions can be easily delivered through E-Three
  • Employing E-Three would mean more results and effectiveness out of Less Assest Investment
  • Enhanced customer support
  • Enhanced knowledge sharing
  • High grasp of service professionals on a specific subject due to intuitive and interactive training sessions
  • Easy integration of E-Three (online training software for ITES) in the existing systems and processes
  • Effectual legal documentation and management.
  • No constraints for undergoing training sessions in the organization premises. Professionals can undergo training sessions with ease at any point of time and just anywhere