Online Training Solutions for Energy Sector


Easily deploy & administer online training solutions for on-site safety norms, regulatory policies, risk management and disaster management policy.


The energy industry encompasses varied other government or private organizations engaged in the extraction, refinement, production or harnessing of fuel and energy from varied renewable and non-renewable energy sources. Varied organizations that fall under the energy industry are the petroleum companies, oil and natural gas producing companies, nuclear power companies, electricity generation companies, and renewable & sustainable energy companies.

All the aforesaid companies need to strictly adhere to the prescribed on-site safety norms, regulatory policies, and undergo risk management study and establish a disaster management policy. For such a high-level working, on-site energy personnel, field workers, contractors all have to undergo rigorous training sessions to minimize or avert any accidents and to maximize organizational output. The WELL-ENGINEERED: E-Three (Online Training Solution for Energy Industry) takes care of all the training requirements in this industry. E-Three is thus the best corporate training software for energy industry.

Benefits of E-Three for Energy Industry:

  • Centralizes all the training requirements
  • Easy 24/7/365 access to training modules by energy professionals
  • Training sessions can be attended at the ease of the employee with out affecting the daily routine through training software for energy.
  • Apt and righteous know-how on safety measures and regulations presented in a user-friendly manner
  • No extra training required for E-Three, basic computer skills are required
  • The training status of the employee is depicted, so E-Three tracks who has undergone training and who has not
  • It measures individual training effectiveness. So helpful in measuring employee performance in a particular training session
  • Simple E-Three User Interface
  • It acts as a repository for training related documents. So one-stop solution for all training related information
  • Updating content is quick and effortless on E-Three
  • Provides applied knowledge with cost-effective training sessions to employees
  • Effective information management and access on secure platform by assigned authorities and higher management in energy organizations