Learning Management system (LMS) for Organizations and Educational Institutes


A highly scalable and reliable learning management platform that is designed keeping in mind your exact requirements.


Highly Scalable, Easy to Use, SCORM Compliant LMS

  • Highly Scalable LMS
  • Cloud Based Hosting
  • No Software/Hardware to Install
  • Integrated Online Examination Module
  • SCORM Compliant
  • Integrated Collaboration Tools
  • Access & Permission Management
  • Highly Customizable

Powerful Online Examination Module

  • Create tests/assessments periodically
  • Conduct online exams and online assessments effectively
  • Hassle-Free and Effective analysis of Individual performance

Access Control & Permissions

  • Create separate user access levels like administrator, teacher, student, course coordinator, guest etc.
  • Assign system privileges and access control lists to each user

Use your company's logo and colors

  • Customization options allow you to change the existing look and feel of the E-Three learning platform to suit your design identity and brand image
  • Our LMS integration services comprise of integration of third-party systems or components like virtual classroom, voice based communication system etc. for enhanced user experience

Enrollment Options

  • Register multiple learners by uploading an Excel spreadsheet or add learners one by one
  • You can also allow learners to self register

Enrollment Approval

  • Enrollment for the courses can be controlled, which allows maintaining confidentiality in different programs offered simultaneously
  • If self enrolment is enabled, you can choose to approve each enrolment. The course instructor can be automatically notified of every new enrolment

Distribution & Collaboration Tools

  • instaSkills LMS offers collaboration tools like, messaging, chat, forums, blog, wiki etc.
  • Enable real time communication between online participants using messaging and chat
  • Initiate discussions & share thoughts on various topics using blogs & forums