Online Training Solution for Manufacturing Industry


Looking for an online training platform to deliver, report, and administer safety and operations training? Need to train your contactors, vendors and suppliers?


Manufacturing companies focus on high quality control and quality assessment of the products being produced or manufactured in this highly global and competitive world. To keep pace with the trends of highly evolving and innovative manufacturing practices, it is highly recommended to continually train your existing employees. And this can be achieved by using a competent online training solution for manufacturing companies. A better yet simple way to achieve the aforesaid is through the implementation of NUMERO-UNO: E-Three (A Corporate Training Software for Manufacturing) in your organization to enhance the competence of the people resources.

Benefits of E-Three for Manufacturing Industry:

  • Superior training quality/e-learning to manufacturing employees
  • Not only will E-Three help in employee training, but it will also be helpful for imparting training to suppliers who provide the manufacturing companies with accessories to adhere and comply to the industry standards and specifications
  • Induction and orientation modules easily designed and delivered to the new employees.
  • Easy configuration of employee effectiveness through training
  • Cost-effective method for knowledge sharing
  • Increased Returns on Investment, as the number of personnel through automated training is quite high.
  • Better management of documents and data
  • Speed up the manufacturing processes, as better training facility is available
  • Enhance employee know-how about manufacturing/quality processes
  • Unprecedented returns with less investment
  • Appropriate training delivery ensures that an employee is apt for performance of a particular responsibility or task
  • Beneficial for providing training to contractors and suppliers
  • Better management of documents and data wherein, information is managed on a secure platform and can be accessed accordingly by concerned authorities