Online Training Solutions for Government Organization


E-Three helps government organizations to deploy online training solutions enabling them to save time & cost, ensure compliance & improve overall efficiencies


Government organizations and their processes can be far more efficiently managed by upgrading them with technology. The glitch faced by majority of government agencies and organizations is in the proficient management of databases and training their staff. This can be resolved by integrating the VERSATILE: E-Three (LMS for Government). This will result in increased efficacy of the government organizations and at the same time will help them in serving the public in a much better manner than ever before. Training software for government has certain benefits as is discussed below:

Benefits of E-Three for Government organizations:

  • Augments organizational efficiency
  • Superior database management
  • Improvement in training delivery methods to a new employee or to the employee who has resumed work after a transfer
  • Effectual tracking of employee performance as a result of training undertaken
  • Decreased training costs
  • Enhanced employee-employee interaction
  • Knowledge sharing becomes easier and simplified; this is because in government agencies transfer of resources is prominently observed. Hence, integrating E-Three would mean that work is not hindered even if a resource is transferred to any other location.
  • All the information will be accessible to him through E-Three. Thus E-Three will be helpful for providing e-Learning in government organizations.