Disengaged employees cost an estimated $450 billion to $550 billion average loss of productivity annually.

Imagine a rowing team with two out of eight members rowing their hearts out, three distracted by the scenery, one rowing backwards & two actually trying to drown the boat. Can you predict the result?
Comparing this scenario with today’s business reflects that employee engagement plays an important role in the growth of any organization.

What causes Loss of Productivity?

Lack of Engagement! It is simply the difference between the efforts your employees invest and their actual capabilities. A large number of actively disengaged employees is one of the biggest reasons of low productivity across all the business verticals. These disengaged employees not only have lower contribution to overall organization performance but they also adversely affect performance of other employees.

Improve Employee Engagement

How to Improve Employee Engagement

An engaged employee is self motivated, she feels a sense of belonging & believes that she has made a great choice by opting to work with the organization. Interactive training sessions can help in creating & fostering these beliefs within the workforce. Although it is obvious that improving Employee Engagement will result in better performance & organizational efficiency, there are a number of factors that might affect an organization’s ability to achieve it in reality. Traditional training methods are costly, time consuming & generally result in low employee participation due to fear of failure or of saying wrong things in front of large groups.

Utilizing E-Learning to Improve Employee Engagement

E-learning enables organizations to deploy cost effective interactive employee training solution in a timely manner. Self paced, online learning makes it easier for employees to learn at their own speed in privacy & convenience of their own cubicles, homes or even cars. Now imagine the same team with all the members rowing forwards fully utilizing their newly acquired rowing skills. Can you predict the result?

Are you or your organization “actively engaged” in improving employee engagement? Is e-learning in your plan to build an actively engaged workforce? If yes, give us a shout at & we will provide you with best in class e-learning solution to improve employee engagement & productivity.

Going Green with E-Learning

Going green is the bedrock of Corporate Social Responsibility Strategy. This requires employing a business model that is not only certified but also shared and communicated in a very detailed manner.

The positive impact integrating e-learning with respect to the significant savings in cost & smaller delivery cycles is well documented. But adapting e-learning has another benefit from environmental perspective which, although equally important, is not very well understood.

According to the folks over at scholarix who put together the infographic below, the benefits of e-learning being environmentally better, are quite impressive. Here are a few highlights:

  • E-learning allows organizations eliminate frequent traveling consequently reducing fuel usage & emissions.
  • E-learning significantly reduces use of paper thereby helping to save trees
  • Fosters an eco-friendly perspective & enables organizations to create a socially responsible work culture See more great points in the infographic below.

How e-Learning Benefits the Environment
Explore more infographics like this one on the web's largest information design community - Visually.

In all, it is clear that e-learning offers numerous benefits to those who choose to adopt it. Students are satisfied, universities rate it well, business are happy with the cost cuts and it fits well into the busy schedules of parents and full time workers. The added environmental benefits simply sweeten the deal further. You not only reap significant cost & time benefits you also play your part in leaving a greener planet for our future generations.

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America Leads Green Education!

Be it an Independence struggle or a fight against climate change, America has always lead the world towards a better future. Recently, President Barack Obama announced his administration's "Climate Action Plan" (Source: for cutting carbon pollution and making use of the abundant wind, water, and solar alternatives that can power the entire country.

Today, America celebrates 237th Independence Day by reflecting on life, liberty and the opportunities of living in the world's greatest democracy. As a part of this celebration let us take a look at the possible amalgamation of technology and education in order to synchronize with President Obama's four point climate action plan.

The foundation of education if laid on these four points will revolutionize the entire world economy and form the backbone for global education. There is a desperate need to change the traditional way of education in order to put an end to limitless student loan debts and the chain of problems associated with it.

Plenty of initiatives are being taken to make education reach people with advanced technologies like online education. Online education is the change that needs to be incorporated in today's education system to get rid of the debt, student suicides and unemployment issues. The spirit of independence is what motivates many educators- the opportunity to become independent from debt and traditional education.

The second point focuses on wasting less energy, which is completely satisfied by online education or e-learning technologies as we know it. E-learning is a clean source of education because it is paperless, cloud hosted and highly scalable. Reduced bandwidth requirements, reducing network delays and continuous content availability are the factors that endorse e-learning technologies to be cleaner source of education.

Transitioning the traditional education to online education without affecting its quality could be fantasized by empowering complete educational ecosystem with a state of the art platform. Such a platform will bridge gaps that currently exist in the education system and enhance its standards. Education needs to be dealt in a way that promotes jobs and growth with common sense solutions of hosting online as well as physical colleges.

And finally, capitalizing scattered efforts of green future with education is the need of the hour. International leadership with a motive of cross border education will combat unemployment and eloping economies. The concept of global university will serve the purpose of focused international efforts and promise guaranteed education to all.

So this Independence Day, celebrate educational independence, support online education, and remember that in the world that competes for business, we share a planet. Let us applaud the initiative that America has taken for a greener future and willingly support it because it will takes us all, out of the economic and education turmoil.

Happy Independence Day America!