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Education of any kind is necessary for man to develop socially and intellectually. Everyday we learn something new. An education should be rooted to culture and committed to progress. In today’s world our learning capability and personality is judged by Examinations. Examinations are part of the learning process. In the need of exams today in universities, schools, colleges and even companies for recruitment purposes. An this pen and paper examination is speedily replaced by Online Examination. Today many organizations are conducting online examinations world wide successfully and issue results online.

Why Online Examinations

Online examinations can be conducted at any time and does not incur higher cost as traditional exam scenario as there is no paper work involved(eg: printing exam papers, prepare paper admissions etc) , there are no invigilators, also no need of arrangement of exam centers.

Concern Area

How secure these exams are ? Is the result 100% authentic ? This and many more related question come to our mind. Secure Exam services can provide a answer to all these questions.

What is this solution of secure exam services

This is a very strong tool packaged with the an equally powerful Learning Management System for e Learning and online education. With this solution based on the cloud SaaS model.

The assessment is uniform for a small to a very large number of students.

  • Confidence that a large number of students are all being assessed equally.
  • Reduced opportunity for cheating.
  • Less marking work, where an entire year’s assessment can be made based on the output of students over a 2 or 3 hour period.

Secure Online Exam

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