Essential features of an LMS

Essential features of LMS

Essential features of LMS

Learning management systems are commonly used these days for online learning/ training by corporates, trainers and learners. Choosing from among several learning management systems available in the market requires full knowledge of the available features, here are some essential features that a typical LMS should have:

  1. Online collaboration – Collaboration tools like messaging, chat, forums, blogs, wiki etc assist learners collaborate and communicate on various topics.
  2. Virtual classroom – Virtual Classroom is an online, web-based tool, which creates a virtual environment similar to traditional classroom where learners and teacher communicate and learn.
  3. Online Assessment – Exams can be conducted and assessed in an online mode in a secure and effective way using this feature.
  4. Rights management – The LMS has to allow effective management of rights for users, trainers, learners etc.
  5. Email notifications and reminders – an LMS has to send timely reminders and notifications to users communicating the essential events.
  6. Scalability of LMS – a flexible, pay as you grow LMS that provides various options to multiple business sizes or models.
  7. Easy publishing of courses to the LMS – non-technical training administrators should be easily able to create, manage, and track interactive training courses and learning programs for all levels of users.

Apart from these there are various other features catering to varied needs of corporates, trainers etc. Needless to say an effective LMS has to be easy to use, user-friendly, and cost-effective too.

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