Connecting the Last mile

Are we educating enough to help people compete on a same level field across the globe? We are experiencing an ever-increasing problem of demand for education exceeding the supply of proper resources. The student teacher ratio is not balanced, the trainer employee ratio is not balanced and there is no way we can document the teachings of quality trainers for the benefit of masses. We need to match up the same by providing a platform that will make good quality education accessible anywhere, anytime. Additionally, we need to ensure that students along countryside have adequate resources to get trained and compete across the borders.


Plenty of initiatives are being taken to make education reach people with advanced e-learning technologies. Right now we are not sure if such systems are effective enough to bring everyone on same level field and help them compete with each other, irrespective of their location or exposure to international world. We need to modify these systems and promote an experience that can help students learn through the interconnected world. Also, we need to put an emphasis on a system that will be education driven rather than result driven. A mechanism needs to be setup for assessment of people and publish the assessment report in a format that can easily differentiate them on their skills, expertise and learning effectiveness. This will help us deliver targeted education based on their strengths and weakness and ensure higher effectiveness of our education initiatives.

This could be realized by empowering complete educational ecosystem with a state of the art platform that will work towards promoting peer-to-peer collaboration across the borders. Such a platform will not only help to enrich experience with blended learning, but also will help to showcase talent and help in cross border learning. We need to use such platforms to polish skills and bridge gaps that currently exist in our current education system.

Hosting such platforms in cloud offers multiple benefits such as being accessible truly anytime anyplace and being able to scale up and down to the demand dynamically. Additionally, recent advances in technology help reduce bandwidth requirements, reducing network delays and making the content available at all times even in the event of failures. These factors enhance accessibility of the platform, a key requirement for its success.

Also, making the content interactive and easier to understand should be the primary motive of such a platform. High quality e-content makes understanding simpler and easier. We would like to say that we have connected the last mile when we can effectively train a large number of people from any part of the world, with the best powerful and efficient training portal and helping them to be at the forefront of their career goals and to stay ahead in the globalized era of education.

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