A 3-Step Formula for Captivating Your Learners Attention in an E-learning Course


You’ve put in all your creativity.

You’ve made an incredibly interactive e-learning course.

You know your learners will be delighted, as your instructions are easy to understand and implement.
You’ve polished until you found the perfect content. It grabs attention. It arouses curiosity. It’s powerful. Learners are happy.

But then an irritating doubt creeps in …
What if your course is so boring that nobody completes it? What if the module’s opening sucks and every leaner gets distracted?

This thought can paralyze even the most experienced instructional designers.

‘You can do it’
As instructional designers, you are battling for attention in a distracted world.

You need to develop a course to captivate and then keep your learners’ attention. You need to mesmerize them so they ignore popping up social media distractions. You need to find out ways to hypnotize them so they don’t hear their phones ringing.

Always it feels like an impossible task. How can we pull learners into our course so they keep learning?
Well, it is easier than you think.

Here is a simple 3-step formula that almost guarantees your course will be hypnotic.
Sounds good?
Yeah..lets begin!

Empathize with your learner’s struggle
Promise your learner a benefit
Provide her the much needed reassurance

You might think you’re an instructional designer.

You might see yourself as a teacher.

But to pull your learners into your e-learning course, you need to become a psychologist.

You need to get into their minds so you know exactly what their pain areas are. You need to understand their trending topics.

Making a good e-learning course means simply persuading a learner that this course is for her, that you’ve shared your best advice to help her, guide her, and enlighten him.

So, come on. You can do it. Go make a fabulous e-learning course for your learners!

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