3 ways we can help you keep your new year’s resolution


2014 seems to be a year of profound changes. There are millions like you who are having a tough time, but tough times are the best times to proliferate and grow your business. After all difficult times create the best opportunities.

Now we can’t help you lose 10 pounds or learn to play the guitar. But if you want to increase your income, align your goals with your employee goals, encourage creativity and provide oodles of opportunities to learn and grow or simply get in touch with the entrepreneur inside you, here is how we can help you do exactly that!

Expand your horizons
Do something new this year. Not everyday, like Ross Geller!

But, come out of your comfort zone in order to make your organization comfortable in the continuously changing market.

It’s about moving beyond what you’ve always done, creating attractive and interactive e-learning courses. It is about digging deep into the experience and emotions of your learners allowing them to absorb the most.

Diversify your focus on sculpting your audience behavior instead on the design to how to showcase your content.

Be simple & generous
They say generosity comes back to you in multiple ways; all you have to do is to think about what you can give away!

And the best way to do that is to give away the information in the simplest way you can. Simple is easy to understand, beautiful to look and best for the learners whose aim is to learn.

Create simple e-learning courses that are rich in information, easy to navigate and take minimum possible time to load.

Take care of your learner
Earning trust is not as easy as earning money. You have to gain the trust of the learner such that she guarantees the usability of your e-learning effort.

Make sure that you support your learner by building a conversation through our e-learning module. It is not always about the money you invest in the learning effort, it is about the relationship you share with the learner.

If you nurture your relationship with your learners first, everything else gets simple and easier. Your focus is not on ways to monetize their attention but it is to give e-learning that can make the offers that will help solve their problems.

Don’t forget that there is a human sitting at the computer!

Now, don’t just exit. Do it.
This is the year you’re going to make all of the above happen. This year you’re going to quit being one single mind frame and not hold back your thinking!

Start making the most of every moment from now. You just have to start!

Happy New Year!

Making Irresistible E-learning Course Just Like the Flashing Christmas Lights

Enter into an LMS, find the course section, and pull out a module. Then flip to the summary section.

This is what you are sure to find on every e-learning course: A clutter of many fascinating points of the subject.

And there’s a reason why summary make it to the attention of the learner.
It’s because you tend to read the title, then the subtitle and then flip to the end to get the gist of the course

Yes there’s the blah, blah, blah about the summary and the exercise in the end. Yes, there’s a table of content. Yes, there are contents pages.
But you ignore most of the blah, blah, blah and head for the summary.

You do it because summary and exercise activities are like flashing Christmas lights.

They flash because they are able to create curiosity. And not just little bit of curiosity, but is creates a lot of it.

So here, in our LMS, E-three, there is a course that’s about energy management. And the very starting of the course are the following points.

  • What is energy management
  • Why is energy management important
  • How to effectively manage energy

Notice how we’ve put the entire guts of the subject in those three simple points?
And did you notice how the above points start with a “question”?

So let’s tackle these two ideas one by one.

1st Idea: notice how each of those points started with a “question”?

It doesn’t matter what the line. If you put a question before it, it instantly becomes interesting and gets the readers curiosity going.
Or you can always add a time frame to the question which does the same trick.

For example,
How to make money
How to make money in 30 days


A trip to Greece
Why I went to Greece this summer

It is very obvious that any instructional designer won’t use any boring sentences, but the point is to trigger curiosity of the learner to keep reading and learning.
Now, the only question that remains is, how to tickle one’s curiosity? And the answer lies in the second idea.

2nd Idea: Notice how we’ve put the entire guts of the subject in those three lines?
So take your entire course or subject, or topic, or whatever. Split it up into many distinct parts.

For example, the above course on “Energy Management” has three sections, so it could naturally be split into three distinct parts.
Then focus on something from each part to describe the benefit the reader could get from that particular section.

So for the Energy Management course, the points read like this:

  • How to manage non renewable energy resources
  • What are the principles of energy systems and energy conversions
  • Why new and renewable energy sources are necessary to study
  • How to increase energy supply and power generation

Each of these points represents a different part of the course.
And each of them has a simple “how”, “why” or “What” structure to get and keep attention.

The fundamentals are easy

Take your training material. Divide it into five or seven parts and prioritize its most important highlights or benefits.

Use these highlights or benefits and put a “question” before each one.

And baamm… you have a collection of the perfect course outline.
And that’s how you make your training or course stand out. Just like flashing Christmas lights.

Merry Christmas!