Accelerating Employee Engagement
Technology in Learning and Training, and the companies that apply them, are incredibly valuable to how your workforce operates.

Technology changes very fast. How do you keep your employees up-to-date? Are you aware of the return on investment available on providing employees the training they need to do their jobs better?

Giving employees the training that synchronizes with the needs and demands of the market is challenging and comes at a significant cost. Organizing easy to use tools like learning management system, self-paced eLearning modules can make this job easy, affordable and interactive. Our team has put together an interesting infographic to help understand the reasons to accelerate employee development


To get a detailed understanding of the connection between employee engagement and customer growth, companies can use these statistics in order to come to a decision:

  • 240% employees boost in performance-related business outcomes compared with an organization with neither engaged employees nor engaged customers
  • 60% Executive level employees know what the organization stands for and what makes it different from others in the marketplace
  • 46% Managers align each employee to the company’s brand promise
  • Fully engaged employees represent a 23% premium in terms of share of wallet, profitability, revenue, and relationship growth over average engaged employee

It is obvious how important is technology for companies today. All you need is to keep in mind the * in the infographic that reads: “You have to change from I have a job to I love my job for your profit lies in the same change.”

The E-learning Gratitude List—Happy Thanksgiving!


We admit it. We all have a soft spot for Thanksgiving!
First, because it is a nice short baking holiday just when you need it. And second, because it reminds us to stop cribbing and start noticing all the amazing things around us.
And since gratitude is one favorite feeling for many, and one that it has been scientifically proven to make us happier, we are contributing to it by sharing our gratitude list with you.
This list may inspire you to take up learning or add e-learning to your own list. At least, it will give you some thing to talk about at your family gatherings this Thanksgiving!
Oh, you can be grateful for that! J
New ways of Learning
Benjamin Franklin once said, “Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn.”

He simplified the entire concept of education or learning in the corporate lingo, but did not tell us how!

Running an enterprise or educating the future generation is never simple, but technology has made it easier.
Getting the information, finding new inspirations, staying in touch with them we already have, made new virtual world … there are dozens of ways that information technology is making business and life better, more profitable, and available to more people. And one of the easiest and famous ways is e-learning!

The Time of Hope
We have heard our elders telling us wise words like:
· The night is always darkest before dawn
· Every problem is like a red signal, if you wait for sometime it’ll turn green.

There are many ways to make feel better no matter how hard things or situation is right now. The economy is crumming fast and hard. Technology has shifted to the top gear and picked up speed not easy for anyone to keep up. Only adding new things for all of us to learn just to stay afloat!

It’s very hard.

And also very amazing!
Have you made the right efforts to do so? Turn around and get hold of e-learning today!
E-learning was not easy for everyone. But you have to accept that it has helped us create superb opportunities even in the darkest hours.
The best time to become a millionaire is in the tough times.
Because so many more people need help from the solution you have. If you have e-learning technology at hand, you can help both yourself as well as a lot of people trying to overcome their weaknesses by education. Let’s not underestimate the greatness of that.

Amazing Technology
Letting Thanksgiving Day pass by without acknowledging the amazing technology that made teaching, learning, productivity, work and life easy will be insensitive.
A lot of people think that online education is necessarily a bucket of hype and bogus promises. E-learning proves them wrong!
It does not simply make you press the payment button for no reason, instead it makes you take efforts to be a better and sound person than the older version of you before tuning to the internet world. It makes you take action, enables you to build real business and get amazing results!

Are you excited about everything you have done and everything you plan to do next? Thank you very much for letting us to be a part of your learning adventure….for real!
So, what’s on your list?